Alpaca Husbandry


Alpaca Husbandry

alpaca-husbandryAnimal welfare is our absolute main priority here at Cheshire Alpacas and the animals health & wellbeing always comes first.

Here at Cheshire Alpacas we are lucky enough to have our very own in-house Alpaca Shearer, Jamie Meakin of Shear Alpacas. With having Jamie as part of our team, we able to take care of all of our own Alpaca husbandry needs onsite to ensure our Alpacas are happy, healthy & kept in the best possible condition.

In 2019, Jamie decided to venture out and perform shearing & other husbandry tasks on a few other Alpaca Farms too. He now shears over 1,000 Alpacas/Llamas each year, all over the UK!

“Having a herd of Alpacas ourselves & a huge passion for these animals makes shearing feel a lot easier – despite all of the hard work. We treat each and every Alpaca we come across as if they were our own. We pride ourselves on delivering a stress-free, safe & efficient shearing experience for everyone.” – Jamie Meakin of Shear Alpacas.

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Alpaca & Llama Shearing

It is very important that Alpacas are sheared once a year, regardless if you have any intentions of using their wool or not. Most Alpacas in the UK are usually sheared around May/June time. Shearing your alpacas any later than this, may risk them not growing enough fleece back in time for winter, as well as exposing them to heat stress & not mentioning carrying all of that extra weight too!

When booking us for your annual shearing, as part of the service, we’ll also trim your alpacas toenails and check their teeth for free. We’ll point out any areas or issues that may need attention and we will be able to give any advice to maintain a healthy & happy herd too!

For availability & prices enquiries or to book this service, please use the booking form at the bottom of this page or call us on 07402944932.

We had fantastic time at Cheshire Alpacas this week. Sophie and her mum could not do enough for us and made sure my daughter had an amazing experience. The alpacas are beautiful and it's obvious that the animals are very much loved and cared for. We will definitely be booking again for Christmas.
Joanne Rathbone

Toenail Trimming

Just like us humans, Alpacas also have nails made out of protein keratin on their feet too. In the wild, an alpaca would naturally wear down their nails by frequently walking on the hard ground. However, as our Alpacas spend the majority of their days grazing in the paddocks on the soft ground, it becomes our responsibility to keep their feet maintained, for their health, wellbeing and comfort. As well as trimming your Alpacas toenails down, it’s always good to have a concreted area accessible to them too, so that they can naturally wear them down.

If you’d like us to come along and trim your alpacas toenails for you, or maybe you’d like a hands-on demonstration of how to do so, so you can do this yourself in the future, please use the booking form at the bottom of this page or call us on 07402944932.


Not all Alpacas will experience problems with their teeth, yet others may require regular attention. During our shearing travels, we’ve found that a lot of Alpaca Owners are under the impression that their animals must have their teeth trimmed every year, this simply is not the case.  Similarly to Sheep, Alpacas have a hard pad on their upper jaw as an alternative to a top set of teeth. As well as molars that they use for chewing, Alpacas have 6 front incisors on their lower jaws, which should be in line with their upper pad to ensure easy grazing. Anything longer than this, will need to be filed down in order for them to eat with ease.

If you’d like us to come and have a look at your Alpacas teeth, please use the booking form at the bottom of this page or call us on 07402944932.

We also offer other services such a pregnancy scanning, vitamins, halter-training & other husbandry needs. Please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have!