About Us

Who are we and why do we keep Alpacas?

Cheshire Alpacas is a family run Alpaca farm located in the beautiful Cheshire Countryside in a stunning little village called Antrobus.


Our passion for Alpacas began in 2010 when we brought home our very first THREE fur babies. Just like many of you own pet dogs, cats, and rabbits, we always had pet Alpacas! As you do. Little did we know that we’d become totally addicted! Cheshire Alpacas is now home to a constantly growing herd of over 60 Alpacas, all with names of course!


In 2017, we began to offer Alpaca Experiences to the public which took off really well. It turned out that everybody was almost as Alpaca crazy as we are (or they definitely were after they visited us!) and that’s when Cheshire Alpacas was born. We get such a buzz from sharing our amazing animals with you guys, and we can talk Alpacas all day, so we really did turn our passion for these wonderful animals into a business that we absolutely adore.


Our Alpacas really are part of the family. One of the things that we love about them the most, is that each individual is bursting with their own unique and quirky personalities. We have the confident ones, the shy ones, the cheeky ones.. in fact, they are all rather cheeky & mischievous! (Another reason that we keep them!).

We had fantastic time at Cheshire Alpacas this week. Sophie and her mum could not do enough for us and made sure my daughter had an amazing experience. The alpacas are beautiful and it's obvious that the animals are very much loved and cared for. We will definitely be booking again for Christmas.
Joanne Rathbone