Terms & Conditions

A guide To Walking Alpacas
Please find below our terms and conditions.  We politely ask all our guests to sign a waiver to say they have read and understood these before starting any experience involving contact with our animals. This is to ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout your experience.

  • We will always start with a short safety briefing at the start.  Please pay attention!
  • Our walks are around a farm and surrounding fields, not on a park! So please take care when walking, and wear closed toe sturdy footwear, and suitable clothing for the weather. We will not be held responsible for injury, damage to clothing, footwear or personal possessions while on the farm.
  • All walkers must stay calm around our Alpacas, and avoid any sudden movements.
  • All our experiences are supervised by trained handlers, guests are not permitted to leave the group with an animal.
  • If children are walking an Alpaca, they must be accompanied by an adult who must stay close by, and be ready to take over if they get into difficulty. Most adults can restrain a haltered alpaca, a young child cannot.
  • Alpacas may kick if they sense something close behind them, please be aware of this and keep a clear gap.
  • Hand washing facilities are available. Those who accompany children have the responsibility to ensure that adequate hand washing takes place.
  • We will take photos during your experience for our Facebook page and website, if you do not wish for us to use your picture, please let us know prior to your walk.

Alpacas Out Walking
While out walking, Alpacas are very curious animals, and will enjoy having a nosey around.  They may need a little encouragement if they come across an obstruction or something they don’t recognise! Give them a cuddle and a gentle nudge. They may be startled by something as small as a twig breaking, or their handler tripping, so please be very attentive to your Alpacas and stay calm, they will soon calm down.  While on a walk, you are part of the Alpaca herd! So, if they want to stop to admire the scenery, we all stop!

We ask everyone to sign a waiver before their alpaca experience.

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