Alpaca Shearing

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Alpaca Husbandry

Cheshire Alpacas now has an ‘in house’ Alpaca shearer, if you require an Alpaca Shearer, give Jamie Meakin of Shear Alpacas a call on 07402944932.

Other services covered by Jamie, includes toenail trimming, teeth checking/trimming, necessary vaccinations, halter training & more.


Adult Ticket (12yrs +)*£25pp
Child Ticket (6-11yrs) £10pp
Under 5’sFree
Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 children under 12)£60
Spectator Ticket £10 per adult £5 per child
Gift vouchers also available.Click here for vouchers >>

*For the purposes of admission an adult is 12 years and older at Cheshire Alpacas. We do not accept entry into the farm of children under 12 years old without an adult 18 years old or over. Child free entry is under 5 years at Cheshire Alpacas.